Horse racing maybe horse racing, and football may be football, but profit is profit, and money is money!

Members are 114+ points profit in 2023*... almost £6,000 to £50 stakes... and it's all tax free!

(* as of 1st June 2023)

Golfbetsgold is the one of the most consistently profitable golf services in the UK. So far this year members have made 114+ points profit and have averaged over 100 points profit for 4 of the last 5 years. 

Betting is all about winning, profit and money... Golfbetsgold's consistent track record of making profits mean we're a must for every serious punter... so try out our trial month now.

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Who are Golfbetsgold?

We launched commercially in 2017 and two years later joined forces with Cleeve Racing after completing a profitable 12-month trial, proofing all of our results.

We know that betting on golf (for some reason), is not as popular as horse racing.... but don't really understand why. It's a much more data driven game, and there are fewer pro-golfers than race horses, so in theory it's easier to win!

Most people don't have the time or the knowledge to do all the work needed to make money betting on golf, which is why Golfbetsgold does it all for you.

Since launch, we've tipped winners up to 125/1 and places up to 66/1, generating profits of over 300 points for members... that's over £15,000 tax free to £50 stakes... all tax free!

Golf Hole

Staking Strategy


Our betting strategy utilises a low-risk approach designed to generate consistent profits for our members over the long-term.

We usually take one or two players from the outright markets at odds in the 20/1+ range and play them each way (usually 6, 7 or 8 places). We also place in-play bets to maximise our profits.

Profit Target

  • Our target is to generate an average of 100 points of profit for members every calendar year.
  • We are 114+ points profit in 2023
  • We have averaged over a 100 points profit every year since 2017... apart from one!



Golfbetsgold trial month

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  • Tips work our at less than 40p a day
  • Member bets online every Tuesday for Thursday tee-offs
  • Outright tournament, Top 20 and in-play tips
  • A trial membership usually covers up to 8 tournaments
  • Video reviews and tournament previews