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About GolfBetsGold

Hi, my name is Martin Colwell and my background is as a qualified accountant and auditor. Both roles were highly data-driven and analytical.

I have been personally betting on golf for many years and developed a betting and staking strategy that delivered consistent success. In 2017 I started publishing my golf tips for free in various ways, including on Twitter and on the RacingtoProfit forums, where I generated significant followings.

I became convinced there was a gap in the market for a professional golf tipping service that was driven by analysis of data from various sources but front-ended with a cohesive betting strategy. At the beginning of 2019, I approached Cleeve Racing, who I believed was the best example out there of a high-quality professional tipping service and sought advice on how to develop and launch the GolfBetsGold brand.

The first thing Cleeve said was that they would need was a significant proofing period to check the quality of my golf tips. Then they would need to work with me to develop the presentation and collateral content required to give the brand the required substance and to give me a clear understanding of the processes that are needed to provide a quality service to a growing customer base.

Over the past 9 months I have worked with Cleeve Racing to achieve the above and develop a high-quality golf tipping product that utilises both my knowledge and experience of top-level golf and my data analysis skills and ability to find value selections for tournaments on the European and USPGA tours, together with Cleeve’s established reputation for delivering a consistently professional and profitable tipping service.

I believe that the GolfbetsGold service will deliver long term and consistent annual profits for those who use it on an ongoing basis.

I look forward to welcoming you as part of the GolfBetsGold service.

Martin Colwell FCCA